Muppoluthum Un Karpanaigal

Muppoluthum Un Karpanaigal

True love conquers all the odds

Tamil (U/A)Cast: Atharvaa, Amala Paul, Santhanam, Jayaprakash, Anupama Kumar, Nassar and others Director: Elred Kumar

Muppoluthum Un Karpanaigal, which marks the debut of producer Eldred Kumar as director could have turned out into a delectable outing from a first time director. However, MUK, a romantic thriller, has its moments of excellence and also shows sparks of deftness and marks of a shrewd craftsman. 

But it sadly suffers from a debuta­nt’s desire to bite at boxoffice success with his very first foray. 

The film revolves around a youngster with a mental disorder, who always dreams of a beautiful girl in his life, and what happens when the very person of his dreams comes alive before him. It speaks of Ram with a big position in an IT company and Charulatha a rich lassie from the US, arriving in India to make it on her own.

The spark strikes between the two during a special project competition and then the tale takes a predictable twist when the dream girl goes missing leaving a bereft and desolate Ram searching for her. He encounters a clutch of baddies who are after her... Spiced and seasoned with heady ingredients of mushy romance, glitz and glamour and dash of comedy, Kumar’s screenplay and storytelling acumen shows that he has it in him to turn it into a thrilling entertainer. 

Atharva sparkles as a sophi­sticated IT guy with adept moves. Amala Paul is a perfect foil. Fetching visuals of scenic US of A and soothing score by G V Prakash complete the ensemble for Kumar’s MUK.