Love can reform bad guys

Kannada (U)Cast: Sooraj, Soujanya,Shivaram, Sharat Lohitashwa and others
Director: Kumar

Gavipuram ­­­is yet another example of a newbie producer turning into the sacrificial lamb at the hands of an ambitious but clueless director.

But first the story. A priest’s son (Sooraj) and a techie (Soujanya) fall in love and plan to marry. Their elders, despite belonging to different castes, have no objection. But there’s a hitch. Techie’s brother doesn’t like a low-life messing up lil sis. He sets out to teach him a lesson but ends up with a torn lip there and a swollen eye here. 

Techie sees red and her lover is in trouble. Elders intervene and the groom and bride get ready to tie the knot when villain brother pounces on the groom...

Kumar takes a break from creativity, plainly borrowing a story done-to-death in countless number of films earlier. The story is beautiful in all its simplicity but a hurriedly stitched screenplay robs it of character and much more.

Veteran actors Shivaram, Sumithra and to a certain extent Sharat Lohitashwa hold the film together. As for the rest, Gavipuram happens to be just an outing to try their hand at another ‘timepass’.

The silver lining of the film is Soujanya’s winsome smile, spreading from the eyes to the whole face. Yet, the smile can’t hide the fact that the lead pair are short of training while J G Krishna could have avoided taking the camera close to their bodies. 

Rajesh Ramnath relies mostly on Carnatic instruments while also giving a pleasant number to hum. As for the rest, the less said the better.