Wife of Israeli diplomat discharged

Wife of Israeli diplomat discharged

Tal Yehoshua-Koren, Israel’s defence  attache’s wife and an administrator in Israel embassy who was injured in the car bomb attack on Monday, was released from the hospital here.

She will now be treated in Israel.  “She was released on Friday and she is enroute to the airport. Her family members are taking her to Israel by air-ambulance,” said Dr Deep Makkar, head of international patients, Primus Super Speciality Hospital.

He said, she is still under medical observation. Two doctors from Israel are accompanying her to Israel.

“Koren is under medical observation. Doctors from Israel will take care of her health now,” said Dr Makkar.

He added that given a choice, Primus would not have discharged her as she underwent a spine surgery on Monday. “She still has numbness in her left foot,” Dr Makkar added.
Koren had to be operated to take the shrapnel out that had injured her nerve causing weakness in the left leg.

She suffered multiple injuries on Monday when a motorcycle rider attached a magnetic explosive device to her car and sped away. Within seconds, the device exploded, setting the car on fire. Others injured in the explosion were driver Manoj Kumar Sharma and two other people, Arun Sharma and Manjeet Singh.