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Riots and after in mumbai
Meena Menon
Sage, 2012, pp 267, 595

This book provides a record of events in Mumbai, focussing on the history of riots in the city.

It attempts to understand the socio-political and cultural realities of present day Mumbai through narratives of the people affected by the communal riots of 1992-93.

The blogging revolution
Anthony Loewenstein
Jaico, 2012, pp 294, 350

This is an account of bloggers around the globe who write under repressive regimes, many of them risking their lives in doing so. It reveals some of the key players in the Arab Spring and how years of web dissent and bravery led to momentous changes.

My unforgettable memories
Mamata Banerjee
Roli Books, 2012, pp 190, 250

This autobiography by the 11th chief minister of West Bengal charts her inspiring rise as a hugely popular leader. It sets an example of how much a simple woman can achieve, armed with nothing more than integrity, mental strength, dedication and will power.

Take charge!
Gaurav Marya
EI Books, 2012, pp 191, 495

Take Charge! outlines the attitude required for entrepreneurship. It talks about making dreams into reality, about building teams that work for a joint vision, and about strategies that will build excellence in one’s enterprise.

Zero day
David Baldacci
Pan Books, 2011, pp 436, 350

John Puller, a top investigator in the US Army’s CID, is called to look into the murder of a family with military connections. Teaming up detective Samantha Cole, he unveils a web of deceit. Together, they have to overcome the country’s enemies to avert disaster.

The legend of amrapali
Anurag Anand
Shrishti, 2012, pp 213, 200

This is a story of sinister plots and political wizardry, of chaste love and unbridled passion, of naked ambitions and loyalties that lead to the transformation of a young girl into one most revered, worshipped and feared.

Faceless: the only way out
Tapan Ghosh
Frog Books, 2012, pp 239, 145

When Shom meets Raima, their sensual and spiritual love is separated by age, wealth and background. And so begins a love story in the contemporary world of wealth, lust and power. This is a story of love and passion that is both powerful and pure.

Amanda Hocking
Tor, 2012, pp 335, 299

Wendy Everyly knew she was different when her mother tried to kill her and accused her of having been switched at birth. Finn, who turns up in her life and turns her world around, has the key to the past and the answers she’s looking for...

She’s never coming back
Hans Koppel
Hachette, 2011, pp 336, 350

When Ylva mysteriously disappears, her husband becomes the number one suspect. But what no one knows is that she’s being held hostage in the house right opposite...