Peon and fisherwoman among winners in Mumbai

Peon and fisherwoman among winners in Mumbai

 A peon, a fisherwoman and a resident of the Dharavi slum township are among the winners in the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC).

Anusha Kodam, 21, an engineering student, won from Dharavi Transit Camp. She thanked her brother and Shiv Sena for the victory.

“My brother Ravi has been a Shiv Sainik for 15 years. This year, when the ward turned into a women’s reserved ward, he worked very hard to get me a ticket,” Anusha said.
“I thank Bala saheb, Uddhav and everyone in Shiv Sena for having the faith and me,” she added.

Bhavna Mangela, a mother of two, is a 34-year-old fisherwoman who won from the posh Juhu Ward no 64.

She got 5,800 votes to turn the tables on the Congress, winning by 700 votes. She was an independent candidate.

Another such winner is 32-year-old peon from BMC, Jitendra Valvi. Like Anusha, Jitendra too contested on Shiv Sena ticket.