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Understanding change

Travel to 10 corners of the world and observe how it has changed. Beyond the figures and graphics, who are the people affected today in their daily activities by these changes? How do they cope? What choices are they facing? And, what solutions have they found to maintain sustainable activity in the land of their ancestors?

Shot in Australia, USA, Canada, Bolivia, Japan, Vietnam, Egypt, Mali, Netherlands and Spain, these testimonies and human stories tackle global changes, changes that range from a local as well as a multicultural perspective.

Find solutions to these questions in I Have Seen The Earth Change at noon today on Discovery HD World.

Discover Asia

TLC’s Lonely Planet: Best in Asia offers an eclectic mix of insider insights, practical advice and amazing journeys of what really is the ‘best in Asia’. Every episode has a theme, be it adrenalin pumping activities at select destinations or romantic getaways.

Travel far and wide and embark on an adventurous journey that covers Thailand, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Korea and Cambodia, to name a few.

The show highlights and recommends the top travel activities that one mustn’t miss out on in each country and also carves out some of the top travel experiences in Asia.Tour Asia with Lonely Planet, today at 11 am on TLC.

Animal minds

It is a safari where you don’t just see animals, you witness intricate aspects of their real life drama. The show reveals the workings of the entire animal world, exposing the full spectrum of animal behaviour and the instinctive relationships between different species.

You can catch AP Safari not just tonight, but every night at 7 pm. Travel from dense jungles to deep waters with Animal Planet.