Lathi won't do; equip self with modern weapons

Lathi won't do; equip self with modern weapons

Criminals getting tech-savvy; HC judge wants govt to wake up from slumber

Book release High court judge Subhash B Adi (third from left) releases a book on Indian Evidence Act to police commissioner K L Sudheer after releasing it in Mysore on Saturday. Director of KPA Amar Kumar Pandey, farmer leader Kurbur Shantakumar and author Yeddyurappa Tumkur are seen. DH PhotoHigh court judge Subhash B Adi on Saturday exhorted the government to train police in advanced technologies, when the perpetrators are far ahead of the sentinels of the society deploying higher technology for all wrong doings.

He was speaking after releasing a book on Indian Evidence Act with definitions written by a law professor Yeddyurappa Tumkur at the auditorium of Karnataka Police Academy (KPA) in the city.

Referring to a case of cyber law that came for trial, the judge said we (judges) had to ask the accused itself to tell about hacking, as the police were least aware of the very modus operandi.

The judge said the need of the hour is to incorporate innovative methods in criminal tracking systems and the government should release more funds.

“When the criminals are equipped with sophisticated weapons, police with lathi won’t do”, the judge said.

Taking a dig at the practice of posting officers who rub shoulders with the high and mighty of the society to the cities they prefer to work, the judge said “capability should be the criterion instead of influence at the time of postings”.

Bemoaning over inadequate evidence causing fall in conviction rates, despite rise in crime graph, the judge said the investigating officers have a key role to play when it comes to collecting evidence from the scene of crime. He or she should have sound knowledge of law related to evidence.

It’s the only tool that could ensure justice for the victims as the judiciary is largely dependent on evidence in delivering justice. Or else, the whole exercise becomes a farce.

The judge said when there is lack of evidence, most of the accused will have a feeling that they are sure to be acquitted.

He said the development of a nation is dependent on police system too.

Apart from maintaining law and order, they also have a responsibility to check crime rates. Director of KPA Amar Kumar Pandey, police commissioner K L Sudheer, editor of ‘Raitha Dhwani’ journal Kurbur Shantakumar and Yeddyurappa Tumkur were present.