Triple riding will cost you in thousands

Triple riding will cost you in thousands

Cops serve court notices on offenders; highest of Rs 6,400 fine imposed on guilty

If you think you can do away with measly spot fine after being caught for triple riding, think twice. Of late, the traffic police are serving court notice on such offenders, making them cough up penalty in thousands.

According to recent statistics of Devaraja traffic police, in a short span of one month starting from January 14 till February 16, 25 offenders have been penalised by the court imposing fine of Rs 1,000 and above. The guilty have been charged with a minimum of Rs 1,100 and maximum of Rs 6,400.

Sources told Deccan Herald, earlier those caught for triple riding were let off after paying the fine amount of Rs 100 according to the law. Moreover, only those caught for drunk-driving, expiry of fitness certificate and permit violations were served court notices.

Nowadays, notices are being slapped on two-wheeler offenders too, only to break the blatant mindset of the youths, who form the chunk of violators. Accordig to law, only two are permitted to travel on a two-wheeler.

Refering to the case of a vehicle owner who had to pay Rs 6,400, an officer on condition of anonymity told Deccan Herald, whenever a minor is booked for traffic offence the owner of the vehicle is booked. It’s construed as ‘owner case’ in police language. 

In this case, apart from triple riding, other violations were as follows: rash, negligent and dangerous riding, no-insurance cover and defective number plate. In all the 25 cases, dangerous riding is also a common factor. If the offenders fail to pay the fine amount, they will be imprisoned for four months.

The only drawback is, lack of centralised system where in previous offences if any could be recorded for future note. For example, if a traffic violator is booked for helmetless riding he or she has to pay first time penalty of Rs 100.

They will end up paying the similar fine if caught for the first time in other stations limits too.