Lawyer dupes woman of Rs 14 lakh, absconds

Lawyer dupes woman of Rs 14 lakh, absconds

An advocate has allegedly duped an 82-year-old woman of Rs 14 lakh and absconded.

The CID sleuths, who are investigating into the case, said Indira Amla, who working as doctor at Mysore Medical College early 1960s was deceived by B L Shivaram from Piriyapatna, promising to win her case in a court.

Indira Amla, a resident of Mysore, was promoted as principal of Medical College at Hubli in 1978. As she was not willing to go to Hubli, she resigned on health grounds, hoping that the government would promote her in Mysore Medical College. But, the government accepted her resignation, said Ramu, an investigating officer.

She decided to move the High Court on the matter and contacted Babu, a public prosecutor.

Though Babu was not supposed to take up the case against the government, he didn’t disclose it to Indira. Indira lost the case in the High Court. She appealed to the Supreme Court and lost the case in the apex court too.

One of her acquaintances in Mysore, Tirumala Rao introduced advocate Shivaram to her.

He said she should approach the consumer court. Shivaram, who had a residence and office in Mysore, collected a fee of Rs 15,000 from her, but did not file a complaint. Indira Amla did not pursue the case as she went abroad where her daughter was a doctor, Ramu said.

In 2002, when she came to India, Shivaram told her that the court had directed the government to grant her Rs 49 lakh as compensation and Rs 14 lakh needed to be deposited to claim the compensation. She gave cheques of different banks. He collected the money and absconded.

When there was no news from him till 2006, she grew suspicious and approached Tirumala Rao. They found that Shivaram had vacated his house as well as office. She lodged a complaint with VV Puram police, but the police failed to trace the advocate.

Later, she moved the High Court against the VV Puram police and the court transferred the case to the CID.