Dhoni slams third umpire

Dhoni slams third umpire

The drama involving Mike Hussey’s stumping that eventually culminated in the umpires calling the Australian batsman back did not leave Mahendra Singh Dhoni a pleased man.

The Indian skipper made his displeasure obvious in the post-match press do. “It’s difficult to be an umpire if you are on the field. But if you are sitting in an air-conditioned room, and have the luxury of replays in front of you and your own time, then the umpire shouldn’t take more than a minute or so to press the right button. There are different emotions going on in the field.

“All of sudden, you are happy because a batsman got out and after two seconds, we come to know that they pressed the wrong button. It’s not really a joke. If you are sitting in an air-conditioned room, make sure you are pressing the right button,” Dhoni told newsmen on Sunday.

However, Dhoni said he wasn’t pursuing the matter further. “The umpire just committed a mistake. When I got out a couple of times in the West Indies off no-balls, an entirely different ball was shown to the third umpire, so I could have been called back, and I would have loved that.

“If it’s consistent, most of the errors are taken care of. I am happy if a batsman gets the benefit. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Australian or Indian or someone else. As long as they are consistent with it, I don’t have any issue.”

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