Jamshedpur home likely for extinct deer

Jamshedpur home likely for extinct deer

Chinese Milu, listed as extinct in the wild, may get a new home at Tata Zoological Park (TZP) as South Africa's National Zoological Garden is mulling its scientific breeding at the Jamshedpur enclosure.

Also known as Pere David's Deer, the species is a grazing animal with branching antlers and a long tail, and is managed in capativity at various enclosures of the world.

The South African zoo is rearing the species and a two-member team from South Africa Zoological Park visited TZP recently and saw its technical capabilities for breeding and rearing of the animals and enclosures, TZP Director Bipul Chakraborty told PTI today.

"If the authorities are convinced that TZP can be a breeding centre, a small population of Pere David's Deer will be sent for scientific breeding," he said.

TZP was planning a long term collaboration with the South Africa’s National Zoological Garden in Pretoria. "We will take necessary steps with the Government of India if the South African zoo authorities chose TZP," Chakraborty said.

The animal would be later re-introduced in a park in China, the original home for the species, he added.