'Designing is a form of expression'

'Designing is a form of expression'


Says Bozena Carter, who was in the City recently.

Creative : Bozena Carter dh photo by janardhan b k

It was her first time in the City and England-based designer Bozena Carter made sure she had the time of her life here.

Designing has been a dream come true for the former accountant which is why she doesn’t mind the sleepless nights she faces each time she gets down to making a new collection. Having showcased her latest collection for the very first time in India, one wonders what took her so long. “I always wanted to show my designs in India.

In fact I was invited for the Bangalore Fashion Week last year but due to visa complications, I couldn’t make it. Luckily this time around, I ensured nothing went wrong and here I am,” she says gleefully.

And since this was her first time here, she even got inspired from India while designing. “This has, by far, been my most favourite collection. I’ve called it a fusion collection and it is very much inspired by this trip to India. It has a very western look with a lot of colours,” says Bo, as she is fondly called.

Her drive for fashion began when she was a kid. Often she would find herself making clothes for her dolls and slowly when her friends noticed that her fascination for clothes was slightly more than normal, they pushed her to pursue it as a career. “Designing is a form of expression for me. I get inspired by everything around me,” she says.

In the City with her husband, Stuart Carter, Bo admits that she did go on a short visit to Kerala before coming to Bangalore. And she fell in love with the colours around. “I love the way Indians use colour and identify with them. Back home, even though I work as a designer, I am surrounded by people wearing blacks, whites and sometimes greys,” she adds.

  While she describes the traffic out here as “crazy”, she does enjoy the food. “This is the only place I have seen where people have curries for breakfast. I’m loving every minute of it and till the time I am here, I want to experience India in all its glory,” she sums up.