Development yet to reach Azad Nagar

Development yet to reach Azad Nagar

Located on the outskirts of the city, Azad Nagar (Ward no 35) has remained far from development as well.

Thirsty city:Pipes which were meant to be laid during the construction of underground drain a few years ago, gather dust. DH Photos

The irony is that the president of the City Municipal Council, Nazia represents the ward.
The area where the poor labour community consists majority of the population here, is deprived of basic amenities. Even the recent protest by the area residents has gone unnoticed by the authorities concerned.

“We do not seem to existant for the Council,” rue residents here.

The area is reeling under severe water crisis. There is only one borewell to meet the demands of over 500 residents here. Although, a new borewell was sunk to meet water crisis a few months ago, it has not yet been provided with motor facility.

The area has a sole public tap near the tank bund. But water just trickles down here, leaving the residents distraught. Skirmishes for water is common here.

“Tanker water provided by the Council is also not sufficient. Moreover, water tankers are not regular here. Sometimes, we do not have water for ten days,” complain the residents here.

No drains

The area has no underground drains. Funds were released four years ago to construct UGD and pipes were also purchased for the purpose. But nothing has been done yet and these pipes are being used for other projects taken up in elsewhere in the city, observe the residents.
Open drains are clogged with garbage and drainwater overflows during rainy season. In some parts of the locality, garbage and dirt have not been cleared.

No streetlights

With no sufficient streetlights in the area, women and children are forced to remain inside their houses after dusk, said Ghouse Peer, a resident here.

Protest again

After the recent protest, President Nazia had promised to look into water woes on Tuesday. “We will wait till Tuesday. If she fails to keep her words, we will protest at the Council premises on Thursday,” residents told Deccan Herald.