IP college festival goes green

IP college festival goes green

For clean Earth

Indraprastha College will continue to create awareness about eco-friendly methods to save natural resources — just like how it did last year during its annual three-day-long festival, Shruti.

‘Green Shruti’ was started in 2010, during which students use eco-friendly and recycled products.

“We will also check closely the amount of electricity we use and try not to waste it,” says Ayushi Kansal, organiser of the festival.

“We realised that so much resources can be saved by using them in an appropriate manner,” said another organiser.

According to Debjani Sengupta, professor and festival advisor, the effort to go green during the festival is a small step in giving back to nature.

“The whole idea is to make the festival as sustainable as possible. We have tied up with NGO I Dream, which trained our student volunteers on how to make best use of limited resources,” says Sengupta.

Student organisers are concentrating on saving four types of resources — water, electricity, transport and paper.

“We are asking students to use these resources optimally. For example, if an event is yet to start, then the lights and fans can be turned off. Volunteers will keep a check on not wasting resources,” he adds.

“They will also keep tabs on water spillage and food wastage. Since students from other colleges come at the festival, volunteers will ask them to use public transport as much as possible. These are small steps to make students aware of the issue, which can make a big difference,” he says.

On the inauguration of the festival on Tuesday, a questionnaire on how best to save resources in the individual level will be distributed to participants.

“The college has tied up with NGO Jagruti for paper recycling. During festivals, we see so much waste paper, so volunteers will make sure that no paper is wasted. For the last one year, a project on e-waste has been going on in the college. Students have already collected 390 kg of e-waste,” says Sengupta.

As far as enjoying the festival is concerned amid conserving depleting resources, students said there will be fun events but in a responsible way.

“Last year’s Green Shruti was a success, and we hope that more students will join us in our efforts to save nature,” says Ritika, a third-year student of IP College. The festival will end on Thursday.