TV Talk

TV Talk

Show of strength?

It is learnt that Ranbir Kapoor has been sending feelers to Shahid Kapoor to join his world tour. Says an insider, “Both are young, single and very popular among the youth.

So Ranbir is trying to convince Shahid to come with him for the shows as he feels that the two can set the stage afire together. Shahid is interested and has agreed to meet Ranbir and his father Rishi Kapoor to discuss the possibilities of him jumping on board.”

Dude, looks like a lady! 

Watch ‘She’s The Man’ on February 22 at 9 pm on HBO. The movie stars Amanda Bynes, Laura Ramsey and Channing Tatum.

Soccer star Viola Hastings is lost when her prep school eliminates its girls’ teams. But when her twin brother sneaks off to London with his band, Viola transforms herself into a boy and takes his place in his school’s boys squad.

Comical and romantic shenanigans ensue as Viola’s male alter ego lands her in a goal-scoring mess.

Easy to cook

TLC’s ‘Chew’ consists of some mouth-watering shows that definitely leave everyone craving for food. ‘Chew’ consisting of a daily line-up of shows that will simply make you fall in love with food.

Watch on as the goddesses of kitchen like Nigella Lawson, the legendary Kylie Kwong and our own Anjum Anand dish out various delicacies. Catch these gurus of food everyday as ‘Chew’ airs at 1 pm and 7 pm.

Hitting the bull’s eye

One Man Army’ airs on Discovery Channel on February 22 at 10 pm. What do you get when you pit elite military, extreme sports enthusiasts and law enforcement operatives against one another?

 Hosted by Mykel Hawke of ‘Man Woman Wild’ fame, tune in to a competition series where the toughest of the tough go head-to-head in events until only one
stands as the winner of the title of ‘One Man Army’.

Tough time for princess

Dekha Ek Khwaab airs on February 22 at 8.30 pm on Sony Entertainment

Princess Manyata has a tough time in the palace. Monia wakes up in the morning and finds Aakash’s letter in her breakfast tray.

She is very excited to see it and opens it to read. She gets emotional after reading the letter and promises herself that she will win this battle.

Monia’s teacher Vijay gives her a task to sing a song. Monia tries hard and sees Udaybeer supporting her. Seeing this, Jaynandini gets very upset and decides to show Aakash’s love letter to everyone in the family.

Does Rajmata get angry at Monia? Tune in to find out.