'I feel the pressure all the time'

'I feel the pressure all the time'

Passionate Singer

Amit Kumar has a lineage that everyone will envy. But he knows the pressure of being legendary playback singer and actor Kishore Kumar’s son.

Drawing comparison : Amit Kumar DH Photo by Manjunath M S

“I feel the pressure all the time and I have lived with the comparison all my life. I have now decided to cut down on singing my father’s songs,” Amit Kumar says.

But Amit Kumar has his own fans to please. Amit Kumar’s press conference, held in the City recently, saw more of his fans than the media. His fans were so well-informed about his songs that they could remind him precisely what he sung when.  
Amit Kumar is no conformist and doesn’t subscribe to the latest format of new generation musicians. “I belong to an old school of thought, where orchestra was given more importance than computer synthesised music. Today, one notices that at the click of a button, music is played. The passion is visibly missing,” he says.

What does he feel about Kolaveri Di, which broke all records? “I am sure this song will be down in the list in the next few years. It will hardly be remembered and people will move on. There are several songs that are still remembered for their lyrics, singer and music. I don’t think Kolaveri Di  belongs to that league,” he beams.

He has sung a string of memorable songs over the years such as Sanam Mere Sanam, Kaisa Lagta Hai, Pyaar Tum Mujhse, Deewana Dil Deewana and Sachhi Yeh Kahani Hai, to mention a few. He will soon release an album titled, Zindagi Dard Hai
exclusively for his fans. “This song is dedicated to my fans and for the people who follow my music. It’s a song of love, pain and carries a lot of memories for me,” explains Amit Kumar, whose album ‘Mad’, is also set for release.

He recently floated a website where he has posted hundreds of his compositions.

“I wanted to touch base with my fans and therefore the website is for them,” he says. He admits that his inspiration has been R D Burman. “He made me what I am today,” he sums up.