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DH Utilities

Free online virus scan

Indian users don't like to spend on good anti-virus software and many rely on free packages. Even if you run a commercial software, given the rate at which new malware hits the cyberspace, there is no guarantee that your programme will catch them always.

Bitdefender QuickScan, a free online service, detects active malware on your system, in under 60 seconds. As it runs from the cloud, detection process is performed remotely posing no strain on your resources.

Just go to the web site and start the scan. To use the Quickscan service you do not need to install software, perform updates or do any configuration tasks. You can also install it as a browser extension or widget and scan your system periodically without visiting the web site. www.quickscan.bitdefender.com/en/

(Contributed by Varun G)