Dead woman married twice in China

Dead woman married twice in China

Investigators in China's Hebei province are shocked after coming across a bizarre incident in which a woman's corpse was married twice.

During this year's Spring Festival, a family surnamed Wu sold their daughter's dead body for 35,000 yuan ($5,557) to a man surnamed Liu who wanted to perform a "yin marriage" -- a marriage between two dead bodies -- between the Wu's daughter and Liu's younger brother, the Global Times reported.

After the 'wedding', the two deceased lovebirds were buried in a single tomb. But later it was discovered that the tomb had been destroyed and Wu's body was missing. Enraged, Liu immediately reported about the disappearance of his missing "sister-in-law" to the police.

A few weeks later, police tracked down five men, accusing them of exhuming and stealing the body of the girl to marry her off again, for a sum of 30,000 yuan, to another family, surnamed Li.

This family was also in search of a corpse for one of their deceased male family members. The case is being further probed.