Woman accused by son of killing hubby let off

Woman accused by son of killing hubby let off

A woman accused by her son of murdering her husband in collusion with her alleged paramour has been acquitted by a Delhi court due to the prosecution's failure to prove the murder and conspiracy charges against them.

Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) Virender Kumar Goyal also acquitted the woman's alleged paramour Manoj Sharma and their another alleged accomplice Narender Sharma, doubting the testimonies of witnesses, including the victim's son.

"The prosecution has not been able to prove beyond reasonable doubts that accused persons entered into criminal conspiracy to commit murder of deceased (Krishan Pal) as none of the witnesses in this respect inspire any confidence and they cannot be relied upon," the court said.

The police had charged the woman and the two men with conspiring to murder her husband, on her son's allegation that his mother and Manoj were having an affair.

The victim's nephew, Pankaj, too had alleged that Krishan Pal was last seen with the two men, who had allegedly taken him with them to buy a mobile phone for him. All the three accused had, however, claimed innocence and contended that they have been falsely implicated in the case.

During the trial, Krishan Pal's son had alleged his mother's paramour had on several occasions said he would kill his father to marry his mother. The boy had also alleged he had seen Manoj with a knife, and on enquiring, he told him that it was to eliminate his father. His cousin Pankaj too deposed similarly.

They also said the woman and Manoj worked at the same place and used to spend a lot of time together.

The court, however, rejected the statements of the victim's son and nephew as being inconsistent, observing that as per the woman's employer, she worked with Manoj barely for a week and never spent any time together and it cannot be said that they were having an affair.

"So the prosecution has not been able to prove beyond reasonable doubts the motive to commit the murder by the accused persons of Krishan Pal on the ground that accused Manoj and the woman were in love with each other," the ASJ said.