Entrepreneurial debut

Entrepreneurial debut

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Entrepreneurship is an aspiration and it requires a strong mind for execution. Three students, currently in their fourth-year of an engineering degree in Metallurgy at IIT Bombay, seem to possess this attitude.

Mirik Gogri, Nitesh Salvi and Vivek Gupta have launched Plancess EduSolutions, to take engineering entrance and boards exam preparations beyond the classroom coaching programmes. This initiative is specially focused to overcome two challenges:

*Unaffordable and rising tuition fees of coaching classes

*Limited reach of these classes. 

To help curb spending on education and to make affordable coaching available to every part of India, Plancess has introduced new concepts of learning by banking on the increasing growth in the number of computers, mobile phones and internet users in urban and rural areas.

Seeing this significant technology adoption in Indian society, Plancess built its unique product portfolio with several added advantages over classroom coaching and provides a far superior educational experience at the preparatory stage for any entrance exam. The Plancess product suite includes

*Video lectures: All PCM topics (Class 11 and 12) will be delivered by 100 IIT-JEE students divided in two levels (foundation and advanced) and will be available through DVDs. Over 330 hours of video lectures with personalised menus in each DVD have been designed for quick browsing. It provides an option to buy any one topic (Rs 200 – 300).

On the successful completion of all modules, student are given access to a personal IIT-ian mentor who will interact with them on a weekly basis for guidance (this feature is available only in full package).

nNotebooks+:180 pages, A4 size notebooks with over 600+ formulae/chemical reactions/ equations printed at the footer of each page.

*Mentorship Programmes: One-on-one free mentorship and success articles from IIT-ians

*Chat with IIT-ians: Connect directly to IIT-ians at a single click on their website

*Online study material: Crisp notes on all the topics will be available online for free .

*Edu-networking: Interaction among students enabling exchange of questions

*Peer questions: Question bank created by students resulting in a wide variety of questions.

Talking about the conceptualisation of these products, Vivek Gupta (one of its co-founders) says, “Our future lies in success of our young aspirants. More than 10 lakh students give the entrance exams a shot in the hope of landing a seat in a reputed college.  We hope that Plancess is an initiative to help these students get into the best engineering colleges they aspire for.”

 Plancess will soon be introducing free products like an Android App to enable preparation via mobile phones. Visit www.plancess.com for more details.