A simple menu

A simple menu


Enter Royal Turban restaurant in Rajouri Garden and its interiors will sway you away immediately, the food however, doesn’t do the same trick.

Impressive : Interiors Royal Turban restaurant.

The menu comprises of mainly Punjabi and Chinese fare along with interesting choice of mocktails. The appetisers are called ‘Escalators’ and has a range of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes from the ‘Clay Oven’ and ‘Oriental Offerings’.

The Five Spice Vegetables and Chilli Corn Poper are interesting options to choose from. The Five Spice Vegetables taste like small crisp pakodas made of different vegetables and Chilli Corn Poper is certainly the restaurant’s USP.

Out of the non vegetarian delights, Murg Tikka Punjabi has become a favourite here. Shipra Kukreja, a customer here says, “I like the menu since it has simple dishes yet there is something for everyone. I enjoyed the Murg Tikka Punjabi as its flavours are truly royal but I didn’t like Galawat ke Kebab as they were not properly cooked.”

The main course has a mix of Indian and Oriental taste with the usual paneer and potato dishes in vegetarian section. The Oriental section includes Deluxe Vegetables made with red pepper and cashewnut sauce, Crispy Potatoes in Hot Garlic Sauce and Vegetable Manchurian Dumplings. The non vegetarian dishes comprise of Murg Makhani, Murg Tikka Lababdar and The Royal Murg which is chef’s special. The Oriental non vegetarian section has dishes like Stir Fried Chicken in Hot Garlic Sauce and Crispy Chicken Fillet in Black Bean Sauce.

There is Thai green curry and red curry as well but the taste fails to match up to the authentic Thai cuisine. Vishwas Pratap, a professional says, “I have tried the red Thai curry in Thailand and at many other places and feel that this dish is not how red Thai curry is made.”

One can also try Vegetarian Zafrani Biryani that is cooked with whole spices peculiar to the Kashmiri cuisine but it tastes average. The breads section  has usual garlic naan, roomali roti and aloo/paneer kulcha to choose from.

For those in search innovation Nashile Jamun can be sampled but it tastes bitter because of an extra dose of rum added to the dish.

The list of mocktails include Pasionate Kiwi, Peach Mock-tini, Smooth Cinnamon and The Carribean Thrill, to name a few. The Smooth Cinnamon was the better one among the lot and was made of orange and pineapple juice, fresh milk and rose syrup with freshly ground cinnamon.