Call of the wild

Call of the wild


The exhibition was a medium to generate awareness among youngsters.

Candid shot : A photograph taken at a tiger reserve near Nagpur.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast and love watching animals in their wilderness, this one is for you. ‘Jewels of the Wild’, a wildlife photography exhibition by father-son duo, Vinod and Bharat Goel is a collection of 30 photographs taken over a period of five years. The exhibition is currently on display at The Open Palm Court, India Habitat Centre.

 The first ever photo exhibition by the duo provides a glimpse of wild jewels that our country possesses. The frames on display capture a wide variety of wild animals, reptiles and birds – from a tiger perched cautiously on a tree to an eagle feeding on its prey or the playfulness of cubs. These unique moments are so refreshing and vivacious that they fascinate the viewers completely.

The exhibition is also aimed at creating awareness about wildlife conservation and showcasing the magnificence of wild animals in their natural habitats. Vinod said, “This exhibition of wildlife photography is a celebration of the joy of the wild and attests our enduring fascination with the natural world. Moreover, being able to share the experiences while capturing these pictures inspires us to persist and continue with our passion for photography and wildlife.”

Speaking about his love for wildlife, Vinod, who is also a commissioner of customs believes that people need to be made aware of the natural beauty and wildlife of the country. “The intention is to demonstrate the jewels present in the wild, so instead of flying abroad for holidays they should first see what India has to offer,” Vinod added.

According to Bharat, who is also a wildlife conservationist, the exhibition is an eye-opener for the new generation, and this might help them develop love for wild animals who are on the verge of extinction.

“Photography is a medium to generate awareness. People especially youngsters don’t get an opportunity to see these stunning creatures. Through these pictures they can see the real jewels of India,” said Bharat.

Featuring impressive, life-size photos from across various sanctuaries and national parks in the country, these images literally transport you into the wild.

Alok Shrivastav, a visitor at the exhibition said, “This is the best photo exhibition on wildlife. These photographs are extremely beautiful and natural.”