Fishermen stage stir against attack

Fishermen stage stir against attack

A large number of boats did not venture into sea on Wednesday

we want justice: Almost all the fishing boats anchored at Malpe port in protest against the attack on fishermen, in Malpe on Wednesday. DH PhotoThe members of Deep Sea Boat Thandel Association, Malpe, organised a protest at the harbour demanding justice against the attack on the deep sea boat fishermen from Malpe by the fishermen from Ratnagiri.

Speaking on the occasion, Deep Sea Boat Thandel Association (Malpe) President Shashidhar Ameen informed that the incident took place on February 19, when the fishermen from Malpe were into deep sea fishing at Ratnagiri. Some fishermen folks from Ratnagiri who were fishing in their Purse seine boats attacked Malpe fishermen.

“There was no violation of the rules from our side. We were attacked for the reasons unknown. We were fishing in our boats some 12 nautical miles away from the shore. Our boats did not venture into their area as we were into deep sea for fishing. Besides attacking our fishermen, they have also snatched away the equipment in the boat like fish finder, GPS and wireless set and also they have damaged the boat. The deadly attack from the Purse-seine boat fishermen have made our life insecure. Our life is at danger and we need safety for our life and profession,” he demanded.

Ameen informed that the members have decided to go on indefinite strike and not to venture into sea for deep sea fishing until they get justice.

One of the crew members alleged that fishermen who go to faraway places for deep sea fishing have to bear the brunt of problems meted out to them by the coastal guard security personnel as well. “These security people who are meant to protect the sea coast are into terrorising the fishermen. They demand bribe in the form of money, alcohol and also valuable fishes to let us to do our job. If we fail to fulfill their demands, we should be prepared to bear the torture. How can we trust and expect protection from these people who never question twice whether you are a terrorist or not, once their demands are fulfilled,” he accused.

Congress leader Pramodh Madhawaraj expressed his concern towards the fishermen who were the victims of attack and assured to take up the matter with Maharastra government through Rajya Sabha MP Oscar Fernandes. He said the problem will be taken up with the Congress government in Maharastra immediately. Measures will be taken to avoid the repetition of the incident. It is a challenge for the fishermen, he said and informed that he will accompany a delegation of fishermen to Goa to hold talks with Oscar Fernandes and see that the issue is solved immediately, he added.

The copies of memorandum were forwarded to MLA Raghupathy Bhat, DC Dr M T Reju and SP Dr Boralingaiah M B on the occasion.