'I aspire to be like Charmee'

'I aspire to be like Charmee'

Dreams unlimited

Says the Indo-Brazilian model Nathalia Pinheiro, who will soon make her debut in Sandalwood.

New experience : Nathalia Pinheiro

She has been modelling since the age of 14 but it wasn’t until she won a popular Indian calender girl hunt did Nathalia Pinheiro get her share of attention. Now this Indo-Brazilian beauty is all set to debut in a Kannada film.

Playing the second lead in Indrajit Lankesh’s Dev S/O Muddegowda, Nathalia tells Metrolife that the film was a huge learning experience. Ask her what made her choose a Kannada film to make her debut and she says, “I never chose the film, the film chose me.” Interestingly, she plays a Bollywood heroine in the movie. “I play a diva and I found that a lot of fun to enact. Though I did have problems with the accent and dialect, I think I did a good job in playing the role,” says Nathy, as she is fondly called.

Acting, she says, was always her calling and modelling just happened by chance. “Even before I started modelling, I knew I wanted to be an actress. I feel it’s a great way to express oneself. Getting into a character and exploring the different sides of you are so fulfilling. Now that I have got a break, I don’t think I will give up modelling. I would like to balance both careers,” she says.

Working with Diganth and Charmee in the film has been a fun-filled experience for Nathy. “Both of them are so sweet and they cooperated a lot on the sets. I even aspire to be like Charmee someday,” she quips. While she enjoys comedy, it is the drama in Indian movies that Nathy likes. “Indian films are filled with heavy emotional drama and I feel that’s where you can actually show your real talent,” she explains.

Bollywood isn’t far away for Nathy as well. Having received a couple of offers, Nathy says she needs some time before she signs anything. “I want to be part of a Bollywood project and enjoy the whole song and dance kind of roles. But I wouldn’t want to comment on that right now,” she adds.

Nathy has been a regular visitor to the City for the past three months and more than anything, it’s the weather here that she loves the most. “I love the chilly nights and the warm mornings in Bangalore. I also love the friendly people here. I don’t think there is anything one can complain about the City,” she signs off.