Size does matter

Size does matter


Women are known for splurging on accessories. And when it comes to buying handbags, nothing can beat them!

Big’s better : Oversized bag is a survival kit for women.

But these days the belle femme is vying for oversized handbags. Metrolife finds out the reason behind this obsession.

“I love oversized bags because they can carry more stuff. There is no need to carry unnecessary paper bags or polythene bags along with your bag. And also because they look good when you carry them. One can make a style statement with an oversized bag,” said Neha Suneja, a media professional. PR professional Prerna Grover seconded Neha, “I can put anything and everything in the bag. I can dump my lunch box, bottle and diary as it is very spacious. I can put everything that I need for a day. Oversized bags also help me squeeze an extra pair of clothes.”

Decades ago a woman’s role was largely domestic and she kept her belongings in a small purse tucked into the many folds of her clothes. But, soon women started leaving the home, both for leisure and work and eventually bags became a useful way of carrying their possessions.

PR professional Shivani Bali added that bags are the best thing to have happened to a woman. “An oversized bag is the best thing a girl could have asked for. A woman has a lot of stuff to carry and an oversized bag is the best accessory where you can dump everything. It’s best when you are shopping or travelling as it avoids the pressure of carrying small carry bags.”

The oversized bag is a survival kit for women. A little peep inside it and one can find anything, right from a mobile phone, make-up items, money and keys to hair straighteners, laptops, chewing gums and even spare clothes.