Gold medallists to don khadi attire at UoM convocation

Gold medallists to don khadi attire at UoM convocation

Khadi Board has come forward to supply cloth

The gold medallists, cash prize winners and PhD awardees at the 92nd convocation of the University of Mysore to be held either in March or April, would be seen in resplendent Khadi attire.

A view of Crawford Hall, administrative office of the University of Mysore where convocation would be held.DH PhotoThe university which had decided to do away with the ceremonial gown, had, last year itself asked the students to wear white jubba, pajama for men and white saree for women at the convocation ceremony. This year there is a slight change and it has been made compulsory to wear khadi dress.

The Khadi Gramodyog Board has come forward to supply khadi cloth material to students and the selling of cloth will begin from February 28. For men it will be cotton khadi jubba, pajama, maroon-coloured shalya and khadi waist coat while women will be wearing maroon-bordered cotton khadi saree and blouse.

The dress material will be available at Holenarasipur Khadi Gramodyog shop on Dhanavanthri road and the Pandu Khadi Bhandar at Kuvempunagar M Block.

Those who purchase the material before March 3 will get a discount of 35 per cent and after March 3 they will have to pay the full cost.

A discussion has already been held in this regard with medal winners and PhD holders.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Khadi Gramodyog Board chief executive officer Nagaraju said, “The students of Dharwad University have been given the khadi uniform and they are compulsorily wearing it every Saturday. Similarly, it has been decided to make it compulsory for gold medallists, cash prize winners and PhD awardees to wear khadi dress.”

286 gold medals

The increase in prices of gold and silver has also affected the University of Mysore. It is struggling quite a lot to award gold medals since the past two to three years.

Just two years ago a decision was taken to give cash prizes in place of gold medals.

However, the idea was dropped at the last minute. It was the increase in prize of gold that had led the university to take this decision.

However, the gold medals will be distributed at the 92nd convocation.

To make one gold medal, it will cost the university Rs 2,045 and for 286 gold medals the total cost will be Rs 5,84,870.

“The donors endowment fund has been increased to Rs one lakh in the university from last year. It had cost Rs 1,600 to make one gold medal. This year as the price of gold has gone up it will cost Rs 2,045.

For Rs one lakh we are getting an interest of Rs 8,000 and the medal is being given from the interest thus earned. Even though the interest earned from a few of the endowment funds is less, it will not be a burden for us as we will be able to make up the remaining.