Urgency over NCTC due to US pressure, says CPM

Urgency over NCTC due to US pressure, says CPM

The CPM has alleged that the “urgency and haste” shown in the formation of National Counter–Terrorism Centre (NCTC) is due to the pressure from the United States.

In an editorial for the forthcoming issue of party’s mouthpiece “People’s Democracy”, it said that the government is trying to fulfil commitments given to the US on counter–terrorism.

“Once again, the urgency and haste with which this UPA government announced this decision of the formation of the NCTC appears more under the pressure of commitments to the United States of America than the genuine concerns for curbing terrorism in the country,” says the editorial.

The party has said that after the Mumbai terror attack, the government started joint anti–terror initiatives with the US and that this move is a part of it. However, it has also alleged that strategic partnership with the US actually started during Vajpayee regime.

“As a result of these initiatives, which is part of the strategic partnership with the USA, which actually began under the Vajpayee– led NDA government and carried forward vigorously by the UPA, the US Bureau of Diplomatic Security’s Anti–Terrorism Assistance (ATA) has conducted 79 police training courses for over 1500 Indian law enforcement officials, according to an US Embassy release in New Delhi,” says the editorial.