Falak's condition improves

Falak's condition improves

The condition of two-year-old baby admitted in the AIIMS trauma center for more than a month has improved.

The doctors are working on to take her off the ventilator.

“Falak is slightly better. After shunt surgery that we conducted early this week, her health has improved.

“Now we are trying to slowly wean her off the ventilator,” said Dr Deepak Aggarwal, neurosurgeon with the hospital who is treating on her.

He added, “If in the next 72 hours we are able to take her off the ventilator, her chances of survival will increase substantially.”

Miracle survival

In what is a lesser known fact so far and can be termed a miracle, she survived two cardiac arrests in the first week itself.

“Falak had cardiac arrests on January 20 and 21, and she still survived them.
“In a post-trauma condition I have personally not seen anyone, let alone a child, coming out of two heart attacks,” said Dr Aggarwal.

Battered child

Falak was brought to the trauma centre on January 18 by a teenage girl. She had human bite marks all over her tiny frame along with skull fracture, broken arm and burn marks.
Her case developed the interest of everyone in the country. Eventually a racket of human trafficking and prostitution was unearthed taking leads from Falak’s case.