'I feel good about myself'

'I feel good about myself'

For a long time, Neettoo was almost missing in action from the big screen. But now the actress is back and that too in a whole new look.

Chic : Neettoo

Having lost oodles of weight and sporting a chic new hairstyle, Neettoo tells Metrolife that she is in love with her new look.

“I really wanted to do something different and decided to get a makeover. I put in a lot of effort and lost weight as well. Now I feel good about myself and hopefully this new look will get me some interesting projects as well,” adds Neettoo.

And it sure did! The actress is now completing a movie called ‘Paro I Love You’. Directed by Sunil, who had earlier assisted Ravi Chandran, the film is a cute love story. “I play a very homely girl called Parvathi, who is fondly called Paro. And the film is about her love story. The music is simply brilliant and I am sure this film will be a refreshing change,” she adds. And that’s not all. Neettoo has also done a cameo in another film called Puneet.

“I have also shot for a song in this film with Baba Sehgal and it has come out really well,” she adds. Meeting Baba Sehgal was an experience in itself, she says. Having grown up watching his videos like Aaja Meri Gaadi Main Beth Ja, Neettoo says that the singer hasn’t changed a bit. “He still looks the same,” she explains.

Neettoo also took some time off and appeared on the small screen. Judging reality shows like Kuniyona Bara and Paripoorna Mahile, Neettoo says that being a part of reality shows is very demanding. “I did it for the experience and found it very challenging as one needs to put a lot of hours into it. And while I did get a lot of appreciation for being straightforward in front of the camera, I also made many enemies,” she laughs.

As of now, Neettoo wants to focus on her films.

“Looking back at the kind of movies I have done, I can see a lot of variety, be it art or commercial. Now I miss being on screen and hopefully once ‘Paro I Love You’ releases, people will like this new look of mine,” she sums up.