Skin whitening and more

Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Hand and Body Lotion is a technologically-advanced lotion enriched with fruit and plant extracts that provide triple action for the skin.

It lightens the skin’s tone by reducing uneven pigmentation, unveils visibly fairer skin by reducing dark spots and enhances the skin’s radiance naturally.

The product is priced at Rs 295  for 300ml and is available at leading beauty and departmental stores across the country.

Cufflinks for men

C Krishniah Chetty and Sons presents exquisitely-designed cufflinks from their fine-crafted collection. The Mettle collection cufflinks are designed and infused with imagination and creativity and are designed for French cuff-shirts, as double length cuffs. The Mettle collection is inspired by the animal kingdom and is available in gold, sterling steel and diamonds.

Cufflinks are a gentleman’s ultimate signature of style and extends ones wardrobe dramatically. The collection is available at C Krishniah Chetty & Sons stores across the country.

New fragrance

NIKE is out with fresh fragrances. The international brand has introduced their latest line of ‘Beyond Elements’ fragrances for men and women. Specially adapted to suit one’s personality and compliment the vibrant elements of a man and woman, Nike’s new range of 150 ml, Eau De Toilettes are available at Rs 950 each.

Nike EDTs feature fragrances such as Cool Paranoia, Magnetic Blue, No Limits, Out of Control, Party Zone and Wood Blast for men and Sweet Emotion, Free Soul, Fruit Fever, Hidden Desire, Magic Passion and Scarlet Kiss for women. 

Formal shoes collection

Florsheim introduces its latest creation of exclusive formal dress shoes. The collection offers two signature styles — Oxford style and Sleek Slip-on. The shoes come with  a classy ornament, along with high-quality polished leather uppers and leather sole.

Florsheim provides these shoes in a number of open-laced styles which include simple cap toe and semi brogueing.  The new Florsheim  Dress Shoe range is priced at Rs 5,295 for the slip on and  Rs 6, 995 for the Oxford style shoe and is available at exclusive Florsheim showrooms at all leading retail chains across the country.