Natural ways of healing

Natural ways of healing

When burdened with traffic woes, physical illness or mental trauma, we look for methods that can heal us from  physical and mental toxins. Many have found a solution in reiki.

“Reiki, an alternative healing method, is as natural as breathing”, says Shakuntala Karanth, a reiki master in the city. “Every living being gets the life-force from the environment through breath and food.

As long as prana ( air) is supplied sufficiently, the body remains healthy. But stress and negative thinking tend to block the flow of prana, which leads to illness and disease. Reiki supplies the necessary nutrients to the body to rejuvenate it,” she adds.

Reiki is said to be an ancient healing method that was rediscovered in 1922 by a Buddhist named Dr Mikao Usui, after years of effort to find a healing process. He then passed on his wisdom to his disciple, Chujiro Hayashi. Hayashi’s disciple, Hawayo Takata, took the method to the US, from where it began spreading to the rest of the world. The Usui system is known to be the traditional reiki system. There are many other forms that have branched out of traditional reiki and developed by different  masters.

This healing process is divided into four levels — first degree, second degree, third A and third B. One attuned for first degree can perform on-hand healing, while higher degrees allow distance healing.  A person who is trained in third A degree is a master healer. Third B is a master-teacher degree.

“Reiki acts like a nutrient-supplement to one’s body and mind”, says Godavari Shastri, a software engineer and traditional master. “The benefits are immense and is completely free of side-effects. Once attuned, this is a ready tool for your whole life,” she adds.

Reiki has helped students develop concentration, empowered people to deal with their business and domestic problems and has helped expectant and new mothers.


*Reiki helps tremendously in overcoming stress, tension, bad habits and personality disorders. It aids better sleep too.

*It triggers natural healing abilities within the body, clears away negative emotions and enhances the immune system.

*It is a good reliever of all kinds of physical pain. It improves blood circulation.

*It can be practised with yoga and meditation.

Those dealing with menopause, asthma, chronic fatigue can recover faster after surgery and enjoy reduced side effects.

Distance healing

Distance healing allows a healer to connect with another person living anywhere in the world.