Smiling Hanuman awaits art connoisseurs at CAVA

Smiling Hanuman awaits art connoisseurs at CAVA

Lord Vishnu in standing posture at Badami, Durga temple at Aihole, Smiling Hanuman and Ardhanareeshwara at Badami again.

All the fine carvings of yesteryear’s have come alive in the form of paintings in the gallery at Chamarajendra Academy of Visual Arts (CAVA) in the city.

A total of 42 paintings from the brush of 20 students of second year foundation course at CAVA have been exhibited at the gallery from Friday. The students had recently been to historically significant places like Badami, Pattadakallu, Aihole, Bijapura and nearby places as part of their academic tour.

The moment one enters the gallery, he or she will be welcomed by the array of historical structures neatly nailed on the wall. A list pasted on the door helps know the paintings and the artist. Unlike other places where Lord Vishnu is found carved in sleeping posture, at Badami it’s different and rare finding in the form of standing Vishnu. It was found in a cave temple at Badami and recreated on canvas by Shreyanvita. Durga Temple at  Aihole which is a look alike of the parliament building in New Delhi is sure to beckon for the very similarity.

It’s actually true too as the same structure inspired the builders of the Parliament building, says Deepak M S of Mangalore also one of the student artistes who had gone on tour.

He also mentions about Bhootnath temple in Badami near to a pond. It’s a visual treat to see the reflection of the temple in pristine water afternoon. For the devotees of Lord Hanuman, the deity here is smiling. It was recreated by Shivashankar H. Similarly Ardhanareeshwara at Badami and dancing Nataraja in 92 styles among several others have taken shape in the form of paintings here.

Finance officer of the University of Mysore, B H Suresh inaugurated the nine-day exhibition in the presence of dean of CAVA V A Desphande.

The exhibition will remain open till March 3 from 10 am to 5 pm.