Jodi Breakers

Jodi Breakers

Patch-up work was never easy

Jodi Breakers
Hindi (U/A)
Cast: R Madhavan, Bipasha Basu and others
Director: Ashwini Chaudhary

Eureka! Director Ashwini Chaudhary has discovered a single rehne ka bejod formula and to inform this to the world, he hired two anti-marriage agents who are out to give struggling married couples another chance to fall in love and thereby rectify their earlier mistakes (marriage).

Sid (R Madhavan) is a free guy after getting rid of his wife, who takes away everything from him — his first love (car) and a hefty alimony. Having experienced the pleasure of staying single, he decides to make money by breaking marriages. His business booms when he meets Sonali (Bipasha) who has the credit of breaking her parent’s marriage.

All is well as there is no scarcity of struggling marriages, till one project — as the jodi breakers call it — takes the duo to Greece. Sid’s ex-wife sets terms — break the relation of businessman Mark Periera (Milind Soman) and Maggie (Dipannita Sharma) – to free him from the alimony burden. Greed gets the better of Sid which costs him dear, which he realises later. The second half is all about the jodi breakers reversing their roles as they work to reunite Mark and Maggie again.

Jodi Breakers could have been a good movie had the director focused more on comedy than romance. The first half focuses mainly on comedy with funny one-liners by Omi Vaidya (Nano). Unfortunately, the movie loses its momentum soon and makes it a tiresome watch. Except a few funny one-liners by Omi, dialogues are boring. Music disappoints apart from kunwara and bipasha. Even Madhavan and Bipasha’s commendable job fails to lift the movie. Bipasha Basu looks stunning, while Milind Soman, Dipannita Sharma and Helen are good in their respective roles.

In the end, Bipasha tells Madhavan that he is a pain in the bum (Madhavan calls heart a bum). Guess even the 50-odd people in the theatre think so after sitting for more than two hours.