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Whole new mind game

HBO presents Enemy At The Gates on September 3 at 9 pm starring Joseph Fiennes, Jude Law, Rachel Weisz and Ed Harris.
 Inside the battle of Stalingrad, another war is brewing — Russian sniper Vassili Zaitsev and the Nazi’s best response Major Konig are trying to take each other out.
At the outset, Vassili is simply a soldier who knows where to put his bullets. That’s until Soviet political officer Danilov seizes the opportunity to put together a little propaganda campaign by turning the sharpshooter into a national hero. And now the war’s a whole new mind game.
And rightly so — the Russian soldiers are in need of morale boosting, after being pummelled into the bloody earth by the nasty Nazis.
But now, with a local hero, the Russians are finding their fighting spirit once more, and overcome great odds.
But hero or no hero, the Germans are sending in their best sniper to track down their greatest threat and to make his death an example of the Russian’s eventual defeat. Showmanship, leadership, marksmanship, you get it all when you confront the enemy at the gates.

Not so luxurious

Discovery Channel presents braveheart Les Stroud — an adventurer and survival expert, as he spends seven days alone without food, water or equipment and explores the Rocky Mountains, the Arctic and the Costa Rican jungle.
This week on Survivorman, Les embarks on a cruise off the coast of Belize. But Les’ idea of a cruise is floating adrift on an inflatable life raft with no food and little equipment. Watch Survivorman — Lost At Sea on September 3 at 9 pm.

Discovery Travel and Living on September 3, 10 pm, brings Extreme. Slap on the sun block and inflate your floaties as the enthralling series takes you on a tour of the most extreme    water parks. From a water coaster that has you rocketing uphill to a bowl ride that spins      riders at a dizzying 35 feet per second, get ready to takea  plunge.

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