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Book rack

Tea for two and a piece of cake Preeti ShenoyRandom House, 2012, pp 265, 125At 26, Nisha is plump, plain-looking and without a boyfriend. A chance date and a bizarre twist of events lead her to the altar with Samir Sharma, only to be abandoned later. Struggling to stand on her own feet, she meets Akash. Can she find love again?

An eternal romantic SreelathaFrog Books, 2012, pp 169 145A scintillating though sad story, this novel poignantly narrates Indira’s journey from being a teenager in love to a middle-aged woman. Despite the vicissitudes of love, she continues to be in love with the idea of love.

Apprenticed to a himalayan master: A yogi’s autobiographySri MMagenta Press, 2010, pp 329, 500A young man’s fascinating journey from Kerala to the mystical Himalayan heights that led to his evolution into a living yogi. Born as Mumtaz Ali Khan, Sri ‘M’ shares his travels across the Himalayas, his Upanishadic philosophy and other spiritual insights.

Armies, wars and their foodD Vijaya RaoCambridge University, 2012, pp 534, 995This book traces the evolution of military rations and provides insight into the concept of nutrition for military from the point of view of a food scientist. It discusses the role of science and technology in instigating improvements in military ration.

Urbanizing citizenship: contested spaces in indian citiesEdited by Renu Desai and Romola SanyalSage, 2012, pp 246,  695This book examines processes of urbanisation in contemporary Indian cities through the lens of urban citizenship. It provides a fresh understanding of the multiple arenas and practices through which citizenship and urbanism are co-constituted in India.

Travails of entrapmentHimadri RoyFrog Books, 2012, pp 416, 345An account of Rohan De’s life, a life that encompasses pains, agonies, tears, bruises and smiles. His life  seems like a constant struggle between friendship and love. Time, however, favours love, and it is through this love that he explores his real self.

Mahabharata series one: the forest of storiesAshok K BankerWestland, 2012, pp 350, 295Based on the original Sanskrit shlokas with an action-packed narration and vivid descriptions, this retelling of Mahabharata brings to life the magic, majesty, wonders and violence of the world’s greatest epic.