He scripted success in apiculture

He scripted success in apiculture

Farmers in Malnad have been leading a life with content through farming. With coffee, cardamom, banana, many have seen success in agriculture.

Athigere’s A B Suresh Gowda who won state-level award for apiculture recently at Haveri has scripted a success story in apiculture. 

As a organic farmer, Suresh is a hard worker. In his 2.17 acre land, he grows coffee, pineapple, ginger, guava, lemon and vegetables. With the help and guidance of SKDRDP, he has started apiculture and has seen success in it. He has started apiculture with minimum effort and money.

He rears honeybees in 15 litre clay pot and oil cans. The cost of clay pot is Rs 50 while oil cans costs Rs 25.

He says “about 100 gram honey wax, 25 gram jaggery powder, 25 gram cinnamon powder and 25 gram sand powder should be collected for rearing honeybees. The can or clay pot should be heated and cleaned thoroughly. The honey wax should be put inside the pot should be heated and mixed with jaggery powder, cinnamon powder.

When the mixture is hot, it should be made to spread all over the pot. About three holes should be made in the pot. The mixture should be rubbed outside the hole as well. The smell of cinnamon powder attracts honeybees. If the pot is safely handled, then it can last for four to five years.  A bee colony can yield about five to 10 kg honey per year. Through this method, the honeybees can be reared in one’s yard. The honey will be ready by last week of March,” says Suresh.

He received Rs 10,000 cash prize and a certificate at the Krishi Sammelan held at Haveri. If anyone is interested in seeking guidance in apiculture, then they can contact Suresh at  9481621749