Part of government silk farm gutted

Part of government silk farm gutted

Parts of a government silk farm near Chowdasandra Gate were gutted in an accidental fire in the farm and nearby dry shrubs on Saturday.

Staff of the Sericulture Department, Forest Department and fire brigade rushed to douse the fire, which reduced the losses.

The area has up to 108 acres of dry shrubs belonging to the Forest Department and 24 acres of land belonging to the Sericulture Department.

Dry grass, lantana and American aloe plants have grown luxuriantly on the land. Sparks that light up in the scorching sunlight and heavy winds often end up gutting dry grass and leaves in the area.

M N Chandrappa, assistant director of the Sericulture Department, said there are about 16 houses of the Department staff in the area. The fire brigade rushed to the spot at a phone call. “The residents of Chowdasandra Gate and the staff of the Forest Department helped them put out the fire with water.”

Forest guard Shankarappa said a fire was discovered on Friday in the parts belonging to the Forest Department near the BGS School. The students of the School and staff of the Sericulture Department jointly doused the fire. On Saturday morning a fire was discovered in the farms of the Department near Malamachanahalli.

“The Chowdasandra Gate fire was attended to after putting out the fire there. We are managing all our safety work in spite of shortage of staff,” he said and added that often trees and animals are burnt down in fire set by miscreants.