CB Pur ZP vice-president loses no-confidence vote

CB Pur ZP vice-president loses no-confidence vote

Savithramma was first CPM member to occupy the post in district

The CPM lost its first-ever Zilla Panchayat vice-president post in the district with
B Savithramma losing the no-confidence vote on Saturday.

The party had won two of the 27 seats in the Panchayat. B Savithramma won the Bagepalli seat while Narayanamma won the Guloor seat in Bagepalli taluk. Savithramma was chosen vice-president as the seat had been reserved for a woman belonging to Backward Class A.

The term was to continue till October this year, but the president M V Krishnappa and other members have moved the no-confidence vote eight months in advance, forcing Savithramma to step down.

The special meeting, organised in the Zilla Panchayat auditorium on Saturday, started as decided, at 11 am, and continued for about one hour. Only 21 of the 27 members attended the meeting. B S Shekharappa, Zilla Panchayat chief executive officer was present.

Exit in tears
Savithramma ended up in tears, being denied an opportunity to speak up for herself for a couple of minutes before the no-confidence vote was moved.

When she also repeatedly requested for a clarification on why she was being dethroned from the position of the vice-president, but got no reply from Krishnappa and other members, Savithramma walked out of the meeting weeping.

Vote without right
As many as 17 members supported the no-confidence motion. Two members opposed while one member remained neutral. Although he officially lacks the right to vote in a no-confidence motion, president M V Krishnappa raised his hand in support of the vote.
One BJP member, however, remained neutral.

Addressing the media after the meeting, Krishnappa only said the 17 members supported the motion as they had no confidence in Savithramma.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Shekharappa said the report of the special meeting would be forwarded to the Election Commission. The Election Officer would take decision on electing the vice-president. “The date is likely to be announced in a couple of days,” he added.

BJP member sympathetic
Although in sharp contrast in work ideology and functioning as hardcore rivals, the situation between the CPM, Savithramma's party, and the BJP seemed a trifle different.

While members of the Congress and the JD(S) and independent members of the Panchayat voted to oust Savithramma, C R Narasimhamurthy, a BJP member, remained

Insisting that he would neither support nor oppose the vote, he said Savithramma was being subjected to sheer injustice. “The no-confidence vote is being passed with mere political vehemence.”