Experts mantra for success in SSLC exams

Experts mantra for success in SSLC exams

Workshop by Deccan Herald, Prajavani attracts student crowd

Study, hard work, practise, self-confidence and fearlessness are the five key elements to score better marks in SSLC, opined seer Veereshananda of Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama.

He was speaking at a workshop for SSLC students on how to face examinations organised by Deccan Herald and Prajavani at Maharaja’s College Centenary Hall here on Saturday.

Addressing more than 500 students gathered at the venue, he said hard work is the best means of gaining confidence about a topic or a subject. Meanwhile, a student questioned, “What to do if we feel sleepy when we are studying?”

Veereshananda said, “Sleep for some time and then study.” To another comment by a student, who said, “Repeated reading of the same chapter is boring”, he replied, “Interest in a subject helps in doing away with boredom.”

Earlier, DDPI B K Basavaraju inaugurated the workshop. He said, “Students should give importance to time. They should create and study according to a time table.” He also urged students to develop good habits and told them to aim at their goal.

Giving instructions on the best way to deal with science, Sandeep Pai of Ace Creative Learning said focus should be on preparing for chapters, which have been allotted more marks in the blue print. He stressed on the importance on remembering equations, diagrams and numerical values.

Pai urged students to make a note of definitions in each chapter. For questions of one word and one sentence, he told them to keep the answers brief. Naming in diagrams are also an important factor to gain better marks.

For better marks in maths
T K Chandrashekar of Sri Ramakrishna Ashrama gave tips to students on answering the maths question paper.

He told them to list all formulae from each chapter as nearly 10-12 questions would be based on them. Note them and read them at regular intervals.

Observing that a majority of mistakes are committed in statistics, Chandrashekar said students should be careful while doing multiplication and using signs such as plus or minus.

Many a time, students jump to answer without reading the complete question. Due to this they would end up giving wrong answers.

Write neat figures in geometry, name them correctly and indicate units properly. Presentation of answers is very important and the best way to score marks.

Tips for students
* Read the question paper for 10 minutes.
* Follow the instructions on the question paper.
* Sit straight and take a deep breath before starting you exam. It will help you concentrate.
* Identify the questions, to which you know the answer and start writing.
* Quality of answers more important than quantity.
* Plan and manage time effectively during exams.
* Underline the main points on the answer script.
* Stay in the hall until the exam is over. If you complete early, re-check your answers.
* Use a pen, which is similar to the one you use during practise.