Banning the cellphone

Banning the cellphone

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Banning the cellphone

 The students who require to use the phones would have to get a letter signed by the principal. A few other colleges in the City have decided to reinforce the ban. Metrolife interacted with the students to gauge their opinion on the use of cellphones on campus.

 I PUC, Jain College
“I don’t think cellphones must be banned on campus. The student must be taught to use them more responsibly. As for the students we always use our phone during breaks.”

Nikita Almeda
III Bcom, St Joseph’s Commerce College
“I don’t think a ban is going to prevent students from using their cellphones on campus. It will only further provoke students to use it. The students must be taught to be more disciplined.”

Sunaina Makija
I BCom, St Joseph’s College of Business Administration:
“Cellphones are an inevitable part of one’s life. I have found that students always mute their phones and use it only when necessary. The college management must repose faith in students.”

Riti R Shenoy
I PUC, Jain College
“I think cellphones must be banned to ensure more discipline on college campuses. This will instill fear in the students.” 
Cariappa P G
 II Bcom, St Joseph’s College
 “Phones must be banned to allow students to focus better on their academics. It will go a long way is reinforcing discipline as well.”

Jiby Anna Mathew
II BSc, Bishop Cotton Women’s Christian College
“It wouldn’t be wrong if cellphones are banned. Students will learn how to use them better. And student’s attention wouldn’t stray away from their academics.”