Dalits flay cops for inordinate delay in solving cases

Dalits flay cops for inordinate delay in solving cases

A few stage stir at SC/ST monthly meet

Flaying the City police for the inordinate delay in solving several cases and problems pertaining to Dalit community members, the members of the community protested at the SC / ST monthly grievance meet at Police Commissioner’s office on Sunday.

Raising one such issue, wherein Dalit woman Sunitha from Harekala has gone missing since five months, Dalita Hakkugala Horata Samiti Secretary Lingappa Nanthoor alleged the police of not probing the case.

“We come with several complaints and problems, but you (police) do not solve them. You are not interested in organising SC / ST meetings and listening to our grievances. The meetings were not arranged during last two months and it shows your negligence,” he alleged.

Dalit Sangharsha Simiti leader S P Anand too joined him and accused that the police are arranging the meet just for namesake. “Every time we get assurances, but the cases remain unsolved. If this is the case, why do you arrange the meeting,” he questioned. A portion of the community members belonging to one sect of DSS woke up from their chairs and sat on the conference hall floor, protesting against the police.

Calming the crowd, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Crime) Dharmaiah said that it was not justifiable to blame the police for everything. “We are doing our best to solve the cases and meeting is arranged with a good intention. As far as missing woman’s case is concerned, the police are not inactive. “We have tracked over 50,000 phone calls so far and have examined several unidentified dead bodies across the State. The investigation is in progress and we would catch the culprit soon,” he assured.

Further, he said that the Commissionerate could not organise meetings during the last two months due to hectic schedule. When S P Anand raised the issue of Sub Inspector Bharati harassing Dalit youth months ago, Dharmaiah assured that he would get the detailed report about the incident within 15 days and there would not be further delay.
When a woman complained of being harassed by loan lenders, the DCP said that police were not responsible for everything. “You people should be careful enough in the matters pertaining to money. Ensure that all papers are maintained properly while lending and receiving loans.”

Dalit youth Nirmal Kumar complained that police were not going for rounds in Dalit colonies on night beat, for which the DCP said that he would ensure that the police would go on rounds regularly from Monday.

A few Dalit members also alleged that the police in the City and the district were puppet in the hands of politicians which is the reason for dealy in solving the cases.
Deputy Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Mutthuraya was present.

DCP appreciates boy’s courage
Mahanthesh, a Dalit student was appreciated by DCP Dharmaiah when he narrated an incident of ACP smoking in public place on Sunday morning. Mahanthesh said that ACP was puffing outside Swagath hotel in State Bank area.

“When I questioned him, he turned arrogant and asked me who am I to question him and even insulted me. Isn’t it wrong?” he asked. In response, the DCP appreciated the boy for his alert attitude and courage.

“Now, he (ACP) does not need any punishment, for I have appreciated you in public in itself is his punishment,” said the DCP. The ACP who too was present at the meet apologised for his behaviour.