'Sexual discrimination troubling majority of women at work'

'Sexual discrimination troubling majority of women at work'

Gender equity: Canara Bank hosts womens meet in city

Journalist Dr Vijaya said sexual discrimination was one of the major factors causing difficulties to employed women.

She called upon women to understand the need for retaining their identity.
She was speaking at the third state-level women’s convention organised by the Canara Bank Employees’ Union (CBEU) at a private hotel here on Sunday.

Addressing more than 500 delegates, who were attending the day-long convention, she said the present society had been sidelining the problems of women. Also, the women’s movement was being pushed against the wall ensuring that their importance was being neglected.

Observing that a woman has to spend most of her time on family either playing the role of a wife, mother or daughter-in-law, she said they can rarely even spend their own earnings independently.

The situation has become so precarious that nowadays, whenever children have exams, mother’s have to be prepared to face them.
For employed women, along with handling the job, they have additional responsibility of taking care of domestic chores. While they attend office, they don’t receive the co-operation of their colleagues.

Nearly 10-15 cases of atrocity against women are registered each day. She gave the example of three former minister’s watching porn movies in the Legislative Assembly. She reiterated that retaining the identity of women was the biggest challenge of the future.

She urged members to participate and evince keen interest in programmes organised by the union. Women need to attend such conventions and discuss key issues.

Advising them, she said employees should welcome bank customers with a smile and instil confidence in women coming from rural areas.

All India Bank Employees’ Association joint secretary Lalita Joshi, CBEU vice-president Anoop Mathur, KPBEF joint secretary K S Vimala, CBEU general secretary D D Rustagi, CBEU state committee chairman N Munikrishnappa, convenor M R Swayamprabha and state secretary Ajay Manjrekar were present.