A spot to sight friends from wild

A spot to sight friends from wild

Of late Bolegowdanakatte forest area is turning out to be the best site to sight wild animals.

From elephants to deer, gaur to peacock, animal lovers can have a glimpse of animals here from close range.

On the flipside, the villages abutting the forest has been recording incidents of wild animals straying into their habitat.

The forest department has put up solar fence besides trenches to trap elephants. Moreover, the ponds in Bolegowdanakatte has been a source of drinking water for animals — especially tigers.

According to officials, tigers drinking water at the pond is a common sight. In the recent survey too, the tiger population in the area has impressive. Non-availability of water owing to the obvious crisis that occurs in summer with dried up lakes and ponds inside the forest is another reason why wild animals migrate in search of food.

Environmentalist Madhu said if the authorities concerned want to conserve the environment, they should act against rampant mining going on in nearby areas causing ecological imbalance.