Two-way traffic hurdle for motorists in Hassan

Two-way traffic hurdle for motorists in Hassan

Parking impedes vehicles on Shankarmutt road

With Shankarmutt road being opened for movement of two-way traffic, motorists are increasingly being inconvenienced due to the change.

The problem motorists opine is the insufficient width of the road. Having been a one-way for several years and housing several establishments such as hospitals, children’s playhome, shops and even a temple, the road has witnessed a significant increase in traffic. However, the road is yet to be widened causing difficulties for motorists.

The police department, which anticipated traffic woes ensured that parking should be done on one side of the road. They even affixed signboards informing motorists to park according to the day.

Even when the road was open for one-way traffic, police personnel would be posted on the road in order to hold motorists driving from the opposite side.  However, with the introduction of two-way traffic, police personnel are yet to be seen on the road.

Following this, People visiting hospitals and other shops on the road park in a haphazard manner inconveniencing motorists.  Autos are seen parked on either side of the road.

One of the shopkeepers opined that traffic woes would reduce if vehicles would move from M G road to B M road instead of the existing situation. A larger number of people would benefit from this. 

Also the police department should enforce parking rules on the road to ease the traffic congestion.  A move by city municipal council to widen the road would also help motorists.