An act for mother nature

An act for mother nature

Earthian week

Prakruthi, the eco-club association of BMS College for Women, celebrated ‘Earthian Week’ recently at the college premises. The main purpose of conducting the event was to create awareness about protecting the environment for a sustainable future.

The activities included a display of charts, models and posters apart from planting saplings, gardening, visiting a conservation unit and following eco-friendly practices in the college campus and residences.

Each day had a different theme stressing on the importance of various elements of nature. The first day was celebrated as ‘Green Day’, which was initiated to conserve bio-diversity. The members of the club planted seeds, saplings and plants in the herbal garden of the college.

The second day was ‘Blue Day’, which was marked for the conservation of water. The first and second year BSc students were taken to Sir M Visvesvaraya Rain Water Harvesting Theme Park, BWSSB in Jayanagar 8th Block. It was an insightful experience for the students who learnt to save every drop of water.

The third day was celebrated as ‘Black Day’ to reduce emissions from electronic gadgets like tube lights, refrigerators, air conditioners, computers, mobile phones and fans. The electronic items were turned off between 12 noon to 12.30 pm in the college. The lights and fans were switched off between 7.30 pm to 8.00 pm in the nearby residences while the refrigerators were switched off overnight. The main objective was to prevent the emission of Chloro Fluoro Carbons (CFC) which are the main gases that account for ozone depletion.

‘White Day’ was conducted on the fourth day emphasising on the conservation of oxygen and purification of atmosphere. As part of it, public transportation was encouraged on that day. Leaving their two wheelers and four wheelers at home, students and staff members came to college on buses and bicycles.

The fifth day was ‘Red Day’ which was observed as anti-oxidant day or health day. The members of the club created awareness about the utilisation of anti-oxidants and nutraceuticals like green tea, fruits and vegetables for good health.

The concluding day was ‘Yellow Day’ or ‘Sun Day’ which stressed on the conservation of energy, using the natural source of light. Awareness was created to utilise solar heaters, cookers and solar lamps instead of electric heaters, geysers and boilers. Even a documentary was shown to all students about the effects of changing environment and the ways to protect mother earth.

“It was an enlightening experience for us. As one can see the bad effects of global warming and pollution everyday, the event showed us how we can contribute to the society to protect the environment in our own way,” said Manasa, a student.