Rave of a different sort

Rave of a different sort

Peaceful session

Raves aren’t always all about drugs and alcohol.To prove this, ‘Art of Living’ held a unique ‘yoga’ rave that was intended to make participants feel rejuvenated, not intoxicated, at the end of the day.

The rave was inclusive of non-alcoholic, non-aerated drinks, a meal and yoga sessions. Over 360 people attended the event.

The venue resembled a typical banquet turned discotheque. The music added to the ambience and one could easily mistake this for a regular party. One look at the bar and this misconception was easily dispelled. Juices and pro-biotic drinks made up the drinks counter and there was no trace of alcohol or smoke.

A bunch of people, both young and old, gathered in the central part of the banquet hall facing a stage. Fast paced music was being played and the participants were moving to the music as if in trance.

The concept was first used in Argentina by ‘Art of Living’ followers and musicians Nicolas Pucci and Rodrigo Bustos. They called it the ‘So What Project’. This concept was used in other parts of the world including Europe and USA. Soon, the Bangalore chapter of the organisation decided to adapt the concept and give youngsters in town a reason to party without its harmful effects.

The music played at this rave was also by ‘So What Project?’ and a screen with projections added to the discotheque-like ambience. The participants started with a warm-up session slowly moving their arms and legs to get into the groove. This was followed by some ‘animal yoga’, where participants expressed themselves through actions and movements of animals.

Then came some heavy ‘yoga’ sessions that required the participants to concentrate and perform the acts that were being displayed on stage. ‘Bhajans’ and dinner came after the four-hour session.

The participants seemed rather energised and at peace through the exercise and danced away to the beats.