Whatz on?

Whatz on?

Samanvaya 2012

Samanvaya 2012, an inter-collegiate festival of Jain University, is taking place on March 1 and 2.

This edition of the festival revolves around the theme ‘The Labyrinth’, and includes many events which give students the experience of a real corporate situation.

The two-day festival will include a wide variety of events. ‘Ariadne’ is a competition that seeks to find the best manager, someone who can transform objectives into

‘Theseus’ is an event which looks for the best managerial economist, and ‘Daedalus’ is a team event that revolves around the concept of entrepreneurship development. ‘Pausanias’ is a quiz, where participating students can show off their knowledge of business. ‘Minos’, a finance event; ‘Labryades’, a human resource competition and ‘Icarus’, a marketing event will also be held.