Sudan rebels claim to have killed 130 soldiers

Sudan rebels claim to have killed 130 soldiers

A rebel group in Sudan Tuesday said it has killed 130 Sudanese army soldiers in an attack along the Sudan-South Sudan border, Xinhua reported.

"The attack launched by the Revolutionary Front on Buhairat Al-Abiyad resulted in the killing of 130 government soldiers," said a statement by the Revolutionary Front, a rebel group.

The Sudanese army has not made any comment.

The rebels' statement also said they confiscated a large number of machineguns, heavy artillery and around 200 military vehicles.

The Revolutionary Front brings together the Sudan People's Liberation Army which was fighting in the South Kordofan and Blue Nile states, the Darfur Justice and Equality Movement and two factions of the Darfur Sudan Liberation Army (SLA).

The Sudanese army said Sunday that clashes broke out between its forces and South Sudan forces in Jao area along the border.

"An alliance bringing together South Sudan's army and rebels from South Kordofan and Darfur on Sunday morning attacked Buhairat Abiyad at Jao town," the Sudanese army said in a statement.

The statement accused South Sudan of planning an attack in the area. But South Sudan's Foreign Minister Nhial Deng Monday denied all accusations that South Sudan was supporting armed movements in Sudan.