When the Maharajaas marched...

When the Maharajaas marched...

When the Maharajaas marched...

Plenty of sound and light, entertainment and dance heralded the launch of the Karnataka Premier League franchisee for the Mysore region The Mysore Maharajaas.

“Given the success of the IPL, we have great expectations that the same concept will be an excellent way to promote and develop talent in the State. We specially chose the name, the logo and the colours to reflect both the royal heritage of Mysore and the cricketing passion that is synonymous with the State. Our goal is to unearth talented young people from all over, who have the required skill but not the platform to shine in the sport,” said Kupendra Reddy, a Bangalore based entrepreneur and KPL franchisee of the team.

The royal blue jerseys were unveiled along with the team logo which was that of a shield with the emblem of a sword embedded between two cricketing stumps.

  Sandalwood star Sudeep will be the designated brand ambassador of the Mysore Maharajaas and G R  Vishwanath, the chief mentor of the team.

“I was a cricket player in college and certainly hope to generate lots of support and encouragement in and around the State,” said Sudeep.

There was plenty of cheering and excitement as the 15-member team, captained by Raghu, who played for the South Zone division presented itself to the assembled crowd.
  “It is an honour to captain this team and I am pretty sure that we will come up trumps in the tournament.”

“The KPL is going to create a great buzz in cricketing circles. There should be plenty of action for cricket lovers to enjoy as each of the eight franchise teams make a determined effort to etch their name on the KPL trophy for the first time,” he said.

Brijesh Patel and Ashwini Nachappa also spoke about the KPL following the IPL formula closely and giving local talent a big boost.

“I am really looking forward to grooming this talented group of young players who I am sure have the ability and potential to shine on the domestic circuit and make it to the national leagues as well,” said Viswanath.