'No prefixes, please!'

'No prefixes, please!'

'No prefixes, please!'

It is not easy to name a star in Sandalwood who does not have a prefix to his or her name. From (Real Star) Upendra, (Golden Star) Ganesh, (Power Star) Puneeth RajKumar to (Kicha) Sudeep... almost all of them have prefixes.

While to her fans Sharmila Mandre, may be an ‘angel’, but the heroine of Sajani does not wish to be called by any prefixes. “I certainly don't have any prefix to my name and would prefer not to be tagged with any,” she said.

Just two years in the industry, Sharmila has already created a space for herself in Gandhinagar and in the hearts of her fans. The five page guest book comments on her official website says it all. The five-film old heroine now wishes to do roles that are different from the ones she has previously done. This season she is coming up with two different films, Kari Chirutha, along with Duniya Vijay who has a mass appeal, and Swayamavara.

 “Although Kari Chirutha does not have much of a glamour quotient in it, there is lot of scope for performance. It is an action filled, emotional movie,” she said. “Director Madesh wanted to give a realistic touch to the film so none of the characters are using any make-up,” she added without revealing any other information except that it's going to be shot in Mysore with some of the song sequences shot abroad.

In Swayamavara she acts as a fashion designer. “It is a love triangle involving Diganth and Srinagar Kitty. Swayamavara is a fun and romantic movie. My character is that of a bubbly, smart and easy-going fashion designer.”

Though the film is glamourous, the actress says, “You cannot be a doll in the film. Though it has glamour, I still have to perform in it. Both films are different and challenging. The audience should feel that I have done something different from my last role,” she added.  
Despite receiving many offers from the Tamil industry, Sharmila says that she will stay put for now. “The Kannada film industry gave me my first break and since I am getting good opportunities here, I don’t want to go elsewhere. If I really get good offers from Tamil producers then I will think about it,” she said.

On participating in the anthem song of the Karnataka Premier League along with other sports and film personalities she said, “I am not supporting any particular team, I was there to promote the game and the            format.”